We live in a broken world.

People shoot children in schools.  Girls are kidnapped and sold into sex-slavery.  Families crumble, marriages dissolve, people get sick and loved ones die.  Yet in this darkness there shines a great Light.

Our message is that Jesus is the Light.

Jesus never wrote a book, but more books have been written about him than anyone else in the world. He never wrote a song, but more songs have been written about him than any other person in history. He never traveled more than 200 miles outside his hometown, but he left his footprint on literally the whole earth.

But are the stories really true? Who was Jesus? Who is he? The answer to that question will change your life... forever.

We believe that Jesus is God-in-the-flesh, and He has brought salvation and freedom near to us through His life, death and resurrection.  Jesus came to rescue us from this present darkness by dying on the cross and raising back to life three days later.

This good news is called the gospel.

God created a perfect and innocent world. He made humans to live in a relationship with Him forever. But we sinned. We rebelled against our Creator and chose to worship created things instead. These false gods enslave us. Food becomes gluttony. Drinks become alcoholism. Sex becomes pornography, adultery and perversion. Darkness envelopes our souls and blinds our eyes and leads us to death.

Jesus is the Light of the World.

He never sinned, but paid the penalty for our sins. He died, but rose to life and still lives today. He broke the power of sin and His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom. One day He will return and defeat death and darkness forever.

Light and life are freely given to all who believe that Jesus is the living Son of God and who surrender their lives to Him.  Who do you say Jesus is? Is He your God?