Never Miss an Opportunity to Share the Gospel

Take advantage of every opportunity God affords you to share the gospel.  Paul, standing in a synagogue in Antioch in Pisidia took that opportunity.  He knew his audience and connected with them.  He shared the gospel, proved Jesus is the Messiah, & warned them that repentance is an active part of salvation.

Emulating the Church at Antioch

Emulating means to match or surpass a person usually by imitation. In the church world, Antioch of Syria is worth emulating. The church at Antioch reminds us of our mission and how to proceed with that mission.  Through the power of the Holy Spirit, that mission can be realized.

An Epic Battle in Acts 12

Epic battles make great movies.  Good versus evil.  Light versus darkness.  Tyranny versus freedom.  Chapter 12 of Acts reveals another epic battle:  God versus man.  In today's message, we will emphasize the sovereignty of God as He continues to multiply the church even through dark times of grave persecution.

Six Lessons from a Missionary Church

After Stephen was killed and Saul began to persecute Christians in Judea, many fled the area, proclaiming the gospel as they went.  Some came to a city called Antioch, 300 miles north of Jerusalem, and shared the gospel with gentiles living there.  This was the start of the church that would become the HQ for the Gentile Mission in the early days of the Church.  Some of the greatest leaders and pastors in history served in Antioch, including Barnabas, Paul, Peter, Ignatius, Theophilus, Lucian, and John Chrysostom.  It was in Antioch that the followers of Jesus were first labeled "Christians."  As we study this amazing church, we'll learn six lessons about being a missionary church filled with mission-minded Christians.

State of the Church Address

The State of the Church Address. This is an unusual occasion for Pontiac Bible Church. There was no "message" Sunday, but there was a panel that shared the current state of our church. It was invigorating as we are thankful for where we have been and as we look forward to where God is leading. You will hear 3 main topics discussed: Keys to Growth for PBC; Keys to Buy-In for PBC partners & attenders; Keys to Dream Big & Pray Big. Enjoy! We are looking forward to 2016 & beyond

Redeeming the New Year

Who has made a New Year's resolution only to watch it dissolve within the first few weeks of January?  I think we all have.  One thing that a New Year's resolution does, it causes us to assess or evaluate our lives.  We usually see habits in our life that are out of balance or we are missing disciplines that we need to start.  Either way, we have a tendency to be out of balance, unhealthy.  Now is a good time to check in on our spiritual health.  Are there areas in your life that are out of balance spiritually?  Paul gives some examples of healthy habits to Timothy.  All of them have to do with our service & life lived for Christ.

Redeeming Post-Christmas

As 2015 winds down, maybe it's time for a little reflection on your walk with the Lord.  We are looking at a very familiar set of verses in Psalm 23, but hopefully they will be seen with a fresh set of eyes.  Our souls are often in need of a period of restoring.  Most of the time, we don't even know we are depleted spiritually.  Listen in.  I think you may need to access your emotionally healthy spirituality.  Redeeming Post Christmas is done when we stop & rest.

What is the Good News of Great Joy?

Today we unfold the final word of Advent in our series, Redeeming Christmas.  Joy is the confident expectation that I can be satisfied in Jesus.  There is a joy that is deep, satisfying, & perfect.  There is a joy that is not swayed my circumstances, my past, others or anxious thoughts.  Joy is found in a person.  Jesus is the great joy of Luke 2.

What's the Greatest Act of Love You've Ever Known?

Love.  Usually when you mention that word, some are tempted to shut down and not pay attention. Just like hope and peace, love is often misconstrued. Love is a supernatural manifestation of the Holy Spirit.  If we as Christ followers long to obey God then we demonstrate that belief by showing love to others. The nature of God presses in on us to action.