3 C's of PBC


Last week we looked at the letter to the church at Ephesus to see how essential being ONEtogether really is for a church family.  This week, Paul takes it to the next level.  Now that we know who we want to be, what do we do?  It's simple:  WORKtogether.  Gone are the days of sitting on the sideline watching a few people who are in need of rest being watched by the crowd badly in need of spiritual exercise.  The family of Pontiac Bible Church will WORKtogether to the glory of God & the expansion of His Kingdom.



ONEtogether.  This may be one of the more passionate messages in the last year.  What does a Church Family look like?  Unity is a word that gets tossed around flippantly.  It's definition goes much deeper than just getting along.  There are basic doctrines connected to unity & the outpouring of those doctrines call us to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord.  Ephesians 4 tells us what a church family looks like.