Fixer Upper

Gutting the Rot: Repentance

Pastor Andy continues our series Fixer Upper with a message about Gutting the Rot.  If we want to build our lives upon Jesus Christ and become who he’s calling us to be, we have to be willing to get rid of the sin that festers and rots our souls from the inside out.  This process of turning away from sin and turning back to God is called “repentance,” and it’s something every Christian must walk in every day.

Making Changes that Matter Most

Pastor Jarrod starts the series Fixer Upper with a message about Getting Real with What's Broken.  Everyone has their own idea of what life should look like.  But the reality is we are broken people living in a broken world.  It’s real.  There’s pain, there’s heartache, but there is also healing.  So, if we roll up our sleeves & take a fearless inventory of what needs to change, God can take the worst life & redeem it.  All it takes is a willingness to tear it all down & allow God to build you back up again.  Do you have what it takes?