Andrew Sterken

How Can I Share My Faith?

Do you ever feel the burden to share your faith with others, but feel unable to effectively communicate it? Tune in to what the Bible says about the different ways to communicate the gospel, as well as the right motivation, methods, or much more! While it can be scary or hard to do, this Christian discipline is very near to God's heart-Let's go do it!

Easter 2016: What to Do with Jesus?

This Easter we kicked off a new sermon series called Stuff Christians Believe, highlighting some of the foundational beliefs and practices of Christians throughout the centuries.  On Easter Sunday we talked about how to categorize Jesus.  Pop culture accepts Jesus as a good moral teacher, but in this message we show why Jesus cannot be just a good moral teacher.  In an adaptation of C. S. Lewis' classic argument, we show that Jesus must be either a Liar, a Lunatic, a Legend, or the Lord.  What do you do with Jesus?

Faithfulness of God & Boldness of Man

The faithfulness of God is what fuels our ministry. Without it we are living empty "religious"  lives.   It's crucial for bold living to know the God we trust in.  Check out how the first martyr, Stephen, preached boldly in the face of adversity.

Friendship: Iron Sharpening Iron

We need friends.  Friendship is part of God's design for life, and wisdom is living life the way God designed you to live.  We were never meant to go through life alone–there should be no such thing as a "Lone Ranger" Christian!  In this message we continue our series in Proverbs and discover how life and faith can be sharpened by friendship.


Pornography & Other Unmentionables...

“When spending time looking at filth, it’s really hard to stay connected to truth” ~ Russell Brand.

Pornography is no longer a trend, but it is an epidemic.  Our culture has vilified fidelity for a quick fix of self-gratification while desensitizing the harmful effects of pornography & creating a sense of the “new normal” expression of sensuality.  The Bible is clear about pornography…and other unmentionables.  The Bible does not mince words either.  Jesus offers victory.  For some, victory is instantaneous.  For others, victory will be one step at a time, one day at a time.  This topic is clearly Too Hot To Handle.

Be Bold, Take A Risk!

Living a life of intentional boldness isn’t easy-but it’s worth it. Early Christ followers didn’t allow opportunities-like being witnesses to Jesus- to pass them by. They were focused, intentional, and spirit lead in their gospel proclamation. Listen to how Peter and John demonstrate bold living and maintain the opportunity seizing mindset by the power of the Holy Spirit.