Meanwhile, There Was This Guy...

Who doesn't love an epic story with stories inside the story?!  We get that in this passage about a man by he name of Apollos. Luke turns the page for a period of time to move away from Paul's third missionary journey to focus on what was happening in a synagogue in Ephesus.  Apologetics and discipleship are at the core of this story. Tune into the new scene.

Easter 2016: What to Do with Jesus?

This Easter we kicked off a new sermon series called Stuff Christians Believe, highlighting some of the foundational beliefs and practices of Christians throughout the centuries.  On Easter Sunday we talked about how to categorize Jesus.  Pop culture accepts Jesus as a good moral teacher, but in this message we show why Jesus cannot be just a good moral teacher.  In an adaptation of C. S. Lewis' classic argument, we show that Jesus must be either a Liar, a Lunatic, a Legend, or the Lord.  What do you do with Jesus?

How Can Only One Religion Be True?

"It is arrogant and intolerant to insist that your religion is right and try to convert others to it."

This statement is widely accepted in our culture, and Christians who choose not to be converted to this way of thinking are not tolerated by many in our society. But, can’t we admit that religion is, by its very nature, exclusive? Surely, we must acknowledge the divisiveness, bigotry, persecution and war that religion has caused! Wouldn’t the world be a better place if Christians stopped claiming their way is the only way, and accepted all religions as equally valid? With this message we wrap up on Too Hot To Handle series by asking the question, “How can only one religion be true?”