The End is Merely the Beginning

We have come to the end of our journey in the book of Acts.  But the end is merely the beginning.  We are an extension of the 1st century church.  We are an extension of the gentiles who were given the opportunity to hear and accept the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Those truths should motivate us to be a church on a mission.

Divine Guidance: When God Takes the Lead pt 1

Very few of us like being told "no."  But what happens when God says, "No."  How do we react?  How we react is a pretty clear picture of our spiritual maturity.  In today's study in Acts, we see the Holy Spirit stopping the Pauline entourage from entering Asia and Bithynia.  In the Christian vernacular, we often say that "God closed a door."  To many, when that happens, it can be very devastating.  Closed door are one of the most effective tools that the Holy Spirit uses to guide us.

Acts: It's All In A Name

What's in a name?  Muhammad Ali.  Rosa Park.  Mussolini.  Wait, here's one more name.  Jesus. The name of Jesus has been more controversial than any other name in the history of humankind.  When the church believes the truth regarding the name of Jesus Christ, the church is unstoppable.  The early church knew this & they set for us an example of boldness & obedience.

Be Bold, Take A Risk!

Living a life of intentional boldness isn’t easy-but it’s worth it. Early Christ followers didn’t allow opportunities-like being witnesses to Jesus- to pass them by. They were focused, intentional, and spirit lead in their gospel proclamation. Listen to how Peter and John demonstrate bold living and maintain the opportunity seizing mindset by the power of the Holy Spirit.