Road Rules: Lessons from Paul's Journey to Rome

The journey matters.  Luke began the story of Paul's journey to Rome in Acts 21, and spent the next several chapters describing all that Paul went through to get there.  In this message from Acts 28:1-16, we see the end of Paul's odyssey–his arrival to Rome.  As we reflect on Paul's adventure, we'll discover some "road rules" that will help encourage us to persevere in the trial we'll face on our own life's journey.

Acts: Changed Christians Change Things

Saul has encountered Jesus and changed!  But even though he is a new follower of Christ, the road doesn't get easy for him. In fact, it is just starting to get rough, but we see him grow.  We seem him spend time out of the limelight to get prepared for the next adventure God had for him...escaping Jerusalem in a basket.  "But Barnabas"...you have to love it when God brings that person into your life at just the right time to reaffirm God's call on your life.  He challenges us to see others as God sees them.