The Core Four: Outreach

This message is the final message in a series on the Core Four.  Today, we expand the understanding of what it means to be a disciple.  One aspect of discipleship is "outreach."  How is outreach different than social justice or organizations?  How can Pontiac Bible Church increase it's footprint in our community?  How does the gospel affect culture?  It is our desire to make an impact with the gospel locally, regionally & globally.

Sharing Your God-Story

What does it mean to "share your God-story?"  Paul was a master communicator, but when it came to sharing his God-story, he was meticulously simple.  Paul took the time to explain, to an unbelieving audience, his encounter with Jesus.  The greatest part of the greatest story ever told is the story of what God has done in us through His son, Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Conversion rocks your world!

Corruption, Persecution & Being a Christian

We live in extremely crazy days...well according to our usual American dream.  How do Christians live in a world where corruption is the norm?  How do Christians live in a world where persecution may be on the increase?  The apostle Paul gave us an example to live by.  Our faith in Christ and our eternal hope is where we fix our eyes.  Paul is on trial by a corrupt political system & religious order.  How he handles that corruption and persecution will teach us how to live a life that trusts God no matter the circumstances and gives us the energy to persevere.

Stuff Movies Are Made Of

Daniel was an ambassador for God.  What happened in Daniel 5 is one of the most incredible events in the history of the world...the day Babylon fell.  God again was using Daniel to speak into the life of a leader gone rogue.  Today we will learn some lessons from the life of Belshazzar as well as lessons from the life of Daniel.  God has given us a clear message and made us ambassadors of Christ.  How do we stand as ambassadors in this culture?

Telling Your God-Story Courageously

Sharing the gospel can seem like an overwhelming task or even a scary one.  When given the opportunity, Paul simply shared his God-story to grab people's attention.  The task just became simple.  Paul told who he was before he met Jesus.  Then he shared the part of his story where he encountered Jesus.  After that, Paul shared how his life had changed because of his encounter with Jesus.  That's a framework we can use.  That's a framework upon which we can build.

Not a Quiet Riot

What does it take to turn a city upside down? What does it take to turn a culture upside down? What does it take to turn an entire economic system upside down? It takes the gospel. It takes the gospel that confronts the idols and destroys them. Paul was a stellar example to us on how to impact those around us with the life-transforming power of Jesus.

Get In the Zone

We are often challenged to "get out of our comfort zone" when it comes to sharing the gospel.  But have we ever been challenged to share the gospel in our comfort zone?  The Apostle Paul, on several occasions, entered a synagogue to teach on the Sabbath.  Luke even says it was Paul's "custom" to enter the synagogue.  Paul plugged in to a section of culture where he could easily share the gospel & talk of Jesus as the Christ.  Where has God placed you to share the gospel?  Where is your comfort zone?  Get in the zone.

How Can I Share My Faith?

Do you ever feel the burden to share your faith with others, but feel unable to effectively communicate it? Tune in to what the Bible says about the different ways to communicate the gospel, as well as the right motivation, methods, or much more! While it can be scary or hard to do, this Christian discipline is very near to God's heart-Let's go do it!

Lighting Your World with the Gospel

What are the qualities of a disciple-maker?  Before we can produce those qualities, we need to know what a disciple is and how to make one. We cover all of that in today's message. Paul and Barnabas made disciples. We can too. In fact, that's what we are supposed to do.

Reactions & Responses to the Gospel

"For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction."  This was Sir Isaac Newton's Third Law of Motion.  It's not only true in the physical world, but in the world of relationships too.  Besides that, Paul & Barnabas experienced reactions and responses to the gospel.  Some of the responses were positive.  Some of the reactions were negative.  Today's message teaches us to be prepared for different responses to the gospel.