Down But Not Out

Have you ever messed up in a big way?  You failed, let down a friend, broke trust, hurt someone you love, shattered a relationship... Maybe you feel like damaged goods, useless and ruined.  Take heart!  Mark made that kind of life-changing mistake, but God picked up the pieces of his broken life, put them back together, and used Mark to do incredible things for the Church (including writing a book of the Bible)!  This is Mark's story...

Divorce, Remarriage & Cohabitation


Too Hot To Handle.  We are in the 2nd week asking questions about tough topics bombarding our culture & the Christian community.  We are asking three questions:  What does culture/society believe?  What does the Bible say?  How do we apply that to our lives?  This week’s topic:  Divorce, Remarriage & Cohabitation.