Holy Spirit

Seize The Moment

 Listening to the Holy Spirit, Philip went on a wild goose chase only to discover that God had brought him to the middle of nowhere so he could share the gospel with an unlikely convert.  God places opportunities to share the good news about Jesus with others all around us every day.  Can you see them?  Do you seize the moment when the opportunity arises to shine the light of Christ?

Acts: When the Church Prays...

What happens when the church prays? It is so fascinating watching God work through believers. Peter & John went back to their friends after experiencing a very exasperating couple of days in front of the Sanhedrin. Upon their return, a prayer meeting broke out. The church didn't pray for protection. The church didn't pray for their circumstances to change. The church didn't pray against their enemies or against the Evil One. The church prayed for boldness to speak the truth...even in the midst of persecution. God listened. God answered. God moved.

A Normal Christian Life

When the Holy Spirit was poured out on the Day of Pentecost, the Church was born.  Peter preached the first sermon and 3,000 people were saved (in a single day)!  Then what happened?  How did these new Christians go about living their lives?  Did their faith in Christ change anything about the way they lived?  What about you?  If you belong to Christ, you also belong to His Body, the Church – a new community, a new group in society.  What does your life as a Christian look like?  As we study Acts 2:42-47, we’ll get a glimpse of a normal Christian life.  How normal is yours?


All Aboard: Getting On Mission

10 days of waiting are over.  Pentecost, a harvest festival, is here.  Like a mighty rushing wind, then tongues as of fire, the Holy Spirit came.  As a result, the mighty works of God were told in many different languages, the gospel was preached with boldness, and the gospel spread like wildfire.  Acts 2 is a pitvotal moment in history and we unpack its significance today.