The Core Four: Next Generation

In week 3 of our Core Four series, we take a look at the words of Moses in Deuteronomy 6:4-7 and discover how those words define and even dictate how we view and pursue our Next Generation Ministries at PBC.  Above all else, we believe the most important thing we can teach our children and teenagers is to love God with all they are.  This is the essence of the Old Testament Law and the essence of our ministry to children and teenagers at PBC.

Down But Not Out

Have you ever messed up in a big way?  You failed, let down a friend, broke trust, hurt someone you love, shattered a relationship... Maybe you feel like damaged goods, useless and ruined.  Take heart!  Mark made that kind of life-changing mistake, but God picked up the pieces of his broken life, put them back together, and used Mark to do incredible things for the Church (including writing a book of the Bible)!  This is Mark's story...

State of the Church Address

The State of the Church Address. This is an unusual occasion for Pontiac Bible Church. There was no "message" Sunday, but there was a panel that shared the current state of our church. It was invigorating as we are thankful for where we have been and as we look forward to where God is leading. You will hear 3 main topics discussed: Keys to Growth for PBC; Keys to Buy-In for PBC partners & attenders; Keys to Dream Big & Pray Big. Enjoy! We are looking forward to 2016 & beyond

Ministry That Reaches Out Pt. 2

Last week we defined ministry. This week we see the definition of ministry play out in one of the greatest turning points in the history of the church...the conversion of Cornelius. Peter see where God is working and participates in an epic movement of God to get the message of the gospel to the Gentiles. Peter shares the gospel, sees the power and movement of the Holy Spirit, defends their salvation to other Christians and then leads in a celebration to the glory of God.

Ministry That Reaches Out

Graham Buxton's definition of "ministry" is incredibly accurate.  "Participating in what God is doing to reconcile the world to himself--through Christ in the Spirit."  We see that actualized in the transitional verses in Acts 9:32-43.  We see Peter live out a "ministry" definition as he meets the needs of those around him.  It seems like it would be a simple message to grasp, but ministering to others has its costs & its purposeful focus.