Corruption, Persecution & Being a Christian

We live in extremely crazy days...well according to our usual American dream.  How do Christians live in a world where corruption is the norm?  How do Christians live in a world where persecution may be on the increase?  The apostle Paul gave us an example to live by.  Our faith in Christ and our eternal hope is where we fix our eyes.  Paul is on trial by a corrupt political system & religious order.  How he handles that corruption and persecution will teach us how to live a life that trusts God no matter the circumstances and gives us the energy to persevere.

Down But Not Out

Have you ever messed up in a big way?  You failed, let down a friend, broke trust, hurt someone you love, shattered a relationship... Maybe you feel like damaged goods, useless and ruined.  Take heart!  Mark made that kind of life-changing mistake, but God picked up the pieces of his broken life, put them back together, and used Mark to do incredible things for the Church (including writing a book of the Bible)!  This is Mark's story...