Telling Your God-Story Courageously

Sharing the gospel can seem like an overwhelming task or even a scary one.  When given the opportunity, Paul simply shared his God-story to grab people's attention.  The task just became simple.  Paul told who he was before he met Jesus.  Then he shared the part of his story where he encountered Jesus.  After that, Paul shared how his life had changed because of his encounter with Jesus.  That's a framework we can use.  That's a framework upon which we can build.

Never Miss an Opportunity to Share the Gospel

Take advantage of every opportunity God affords you to share the gospel.  Paul, standing in a synagogue in Antioch in Pisidia took that opportunity.  He knew his audience and connected with them.  He shared the gospel, proved Jesus is the Messiah, & warned them that repentance is an active part of salvation.

All Aboard: Boldness In An Unbelieving Culture


Being afraid isn’t the antithesis of boldness, it’s the crippling of it. Peter and John were called on by God to stand up against religious opposition. They had to boldly answer the skeptical questions no matter the cost. How were they able to boldly stand?  They were filled with the Spirit and they had the truth.