What Is Our Idea of Church?

We asked a question this week:  What is Your Idea of Church?  This is a two-part series and this week we see that a church, a body of believers need to be solid & systematic.  Now, those two words usually don't make a person jump up and down with excitement, but they are the fabric of the early church.  The example given to us in Acts 20 gives us structure in purpose and creativity in methodology.

Never Miss an Opportunity to Share the Gospel

Take advantage of every opportunity God affords you to share the gospel.  Paul, standing in a synagogue in Antioch in Pisidia took that opportunity.  He knew his audience and connected with them.  He shared the gospel, proved Jesus is the Messiah, & warned them that repentance is an active part of salvation.

Acts-Getting the "W's"

2,000 years ago during the rule of the Roman Empire, a small group of men were chosen by God to proclaim a message to the ends of the earth.  Empowered by the Holy Spirit, these men sacrificed everything to begin a movement that would change the world forever.  Through persecution & pain, trials & tribulations, the Holy Spirit compelled the church to march forward in victory.  People were being saved.  The church was growing & the gospel was spreading.  Join us as we journey together through the first 30 years of the early church.  Powerful!  Obedient!  Radical!  Bold!  Devoted!  United!  Faithful!  ~ Acts 2:47