Too Hot To Handle

How Can Only One Religion Be True?

"It is arrogant and intolerant to insist that your religion is right and try to convert others to it."

This statement is widely accepted in our culture, and Christians who choose not to be converted to this way of thinking are not tolerated by many in our society. But, can’t we admit that religion is, by its very nature, exclusive? Surely, we must acknowledge the divisiveness, bigotry, persecution and war that religion has caused! Wouldn’t the world be a better place if Christians stopped claiming their way is the only way, and accepted all religions as equally valid? With this message we wrap up on Too Hot To Handle series by asking the question, “How can only one religion be true?”


Can A Homosexual Be A Christian?

Homosexuality has become an explosive and divisive issue in our society. Culture demands full acceptance and legitimization, claiming that homosexuals are born that way and have a right to live however they want. Conservative Christians are attacked as bigots and homophobes, and in response many congregations and denominations have redefined Scripture and what the Church has taught on this issue for thousands of years. But what does the Bible really say about homosexuality? And what should our response be? We’ll find out as we continue the Too Hot To Handle series.


Money: It's Mine, All Mine!

No, it’s not a sermon on tithing. No, it’s not a sermon on the evils of filthy, stinking money.  It is, however, a message on management. God calls us managers (stewards) of everything that is his. Because he is the owner, he entrusts us each according to our ability.  The question that is posed in our study is, “Are you a good manager or a bad one?”

Pornography & Other Unmentionables...

“When spending time looking at filth, it’s really hard to stay connected to truth” ~ Russell Brand.

Pornography is no longer a trend, but it is an epidemic.  Our culture has vilified fidelity for a quick fix of self-gratification while desensitizing the harmful effects of pornography & creating a sense of the “new normal” expression of sensuality.  The Bible is clear about pornography…and other unmentionables.  The Bible does not mince words either.  Jesus offers victory.  For some, victory is instantaneous.  For others, victory will be one step at a time, one day at a time.  This topic is clearly Too Hot To Handle.

Divorce, Remarriage & Cohabitation


Too Hot To Handle.  We are in the 2nd week asking questions about tough topics bombarding our culture & the Christian community.  We are asking three questions:  What does culture/society believe?  What does the Bible say?  How do we apply that to our lives?  This week’s topic:  Divorce, Remarriage & Cohabitation.

Easter Sunday 2015: Death... Then What?

We celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday at Pontiac Township High School with over 600 PBC-ers gathered in one service!  The worship band had a 40+ voice gospel choir and a brass section with hints of Gospel, ska, pop, rock, and Bluegrass weaved together into a varied tapestry of music and worship.  Pastor Jarrod also kicked off a new series, Too Hot To Handle, which will focus on topics that most churches or people tend to avoid.  For Easter we discuss the topic of death.  Most people are either obsessed by death, or try to avoid thinking about it as much as possible.  It’s simultaneously one of the most popular subjects in our stories, and one of the most avoided subjects in our personal thoughts!  But the reality is everyone is going to die… so what happens after death?  Do we reincarnate, or simply cease to exist?  Does everyone go to Heaven, or is it going to be a big party in Hell?  What does culture say?  What does the Bible say?  How should we respond?