While our mission to “bring the transforming hope of Jesus to Livingston County and the world” remains steadfast, God gives us vision for our church in different seasons. Over the last several years, our church has been of one mind to follow God’s leading in what we called the 20/20 Vision. “Beyond” is a continuation of that 20/20 Vision. In our coming season of ministry to our community, our Elders have been prompted that God has called us to focus on a relentless obedience to God as we think and live beyond ourselves, beyond our abilities, and beyond our walls.



This campaign is a season for our church to think beyond ourselves, beyond our abilities, and beyond our walls. During this time, we will emphasize these four action steps:

1. Provide for our Children's Ministry

Our children are our first and most important mission field. We will use this campaign to meet staffing needs, improve our processes, and more effectively provide for the ministry needs of our children and benefit our students.

2. Strengthen emphasis on Discipleship

We are a church that deeply values discipleship and bringing followers of Jesus to being more like Him. Throughout this campaign, we will be pushing our church more towards Connection Groups, mentoring opportunities, and our Leadership Development Program.

3. Expand Local Missions

PBC has generously supported global missions, and we will continue to prioritize that focus. During this campaign, we will be making a more focused effort of bringing the transforming hope of Jesus here to Livingston County through various local missions opportunities.

4. Build a new Worship Center

In 2014, God called our leadership and our church partners to our 20/20 Vision: being used by God for a harvest of 500 people. This focus included practical steps, including a new Worship Center. As God has guided our steps and begun a movement here in our church and community, we have a conviction to relentlessly obey Him with a renewed urgency. New, comfortable, appropriate space adds more capacity for the kingdom work we are currently doing. Scroll down for more specifics.




Maybe one of the best questions for all of us is: "God, what do you want to do through me?" We believe that when we ask that question with a sincere heart that He will be faithful to answer. Further, commit to praying for our church, our leadership, and our community.


As our church continues to grow, we have increased needs for people to serve in different areas, and there is a spot for you! To find a different area where you can serve and be a part of the movement, click here.


Ultimately, this whole thing can be boiled down to this: people. We fight for people, because every soul matters to God. For that reason, we offer Him our lives so that we can live for the One whose Name outshines them all. Make it a part of your rhythm to be inviting people, as this is an opportunity for those who don't yet know Him to start their journey with God at PBC.


As you're praying and seeking God's direction, our biggest hope would be that you would choose to relentlessly obey His leading. Together, we are choosing to follow Jesus joyfully and sacrificially, confident that He will use our generosity to bring eternal change!


Choose a giving plan, see the impact 

Here's How

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 8.27.49 AM.png
  • Pray and ask for God's guidance as to what amount you and your family are willing to commit to giving.

  • Reference the giving table to see how much impact you can make over three years.

  • Both recurring and one-time gifts are needed and helpful.




Consider using PBC's online giving option. You may give using a debit card or ACH transfer direct from your checking account. To give online go to pontiacbible.org and click on 'Give' or just click here. At this screen, you will have the opportunity to set up a regularly recurring gift or a one-time gift.

Bring Your Offering to Church

If you would like to write a check or give cash, you may bring it with you to the next service to give in person. Simply make a note in the memo of your check or on the outside of an envelope that you want your gift to go toward 'Beyond.' All gifts are processed and deposited the next day.

Mail Your Check

Sometimes it is easier to simply mail in your gift. If you choose this option, send your offering to:

Pontiac Bible Church
1611 W. Reynolds St.
Pontiac, IL 61764

Please make a note of the specific purpose of your gift; for this campaign, write 'Beyond.'  Your gift will be processed and counted toward the following week's offering.

Payroll Deduction

Many aren't aware that the same process that allows employers to make automatic payroll deductions for things such as 401(k) and charity contributions can also be used to give directly to the church. Contact your company's Human Resources Department for more information about payroll deductions, or contact us at the church for more information at treasurer@pontiacbible.org

End of the Year Gifts

While forecasting their upcoming tax liability, many realize that an "end of the year" gift can alleviate some of that liability and make a difference in the lives of people at the same time. If you would like to make an end of the year gift, simply give your contribution at the regular service offering time or mail it to the church by December 31st of that year.


What Is Beyond About?

Our church is narrowing our focus to a relentless obedience to God as we think and live beyond ourselves, beyond our abilities, and beyond our walls. As we seek God to lead us beyond our limitations, this is a season in our church’s life where we will take action steps to increase our focus on children’s ministry, discipleship, local missions, and overall effectiveness of our church’s reach and impact through an additional facility on our campus.

Why Now?

In 2014, God called our leadership and our church partners to a God-sized, unthinkable vision of striving together to be used by Him for a harvest of 500 people following Jesus by the year 2020. God has been guiding our steps and has begun a movement here in our church and in our community that has led to some noticeable, measurable growth in our worship attendance, children’s, and student ministries. After much prayer and many conversations, our leadership has a conviction that God is leading us to undertake this multi-faceted campaign to meet our current needs and to enable more effective outreach to our community. We start now!


How Will We Use New And Renovated Facilities to Reach People?

We will use new facilities much like our current ones: witnessing to the glory of God and the hope found in Jesus, teaching the gospel, encouraging one another, and meeting peoples’ needs. The additional building will increase our worship service capacity, free up significant space for our student and children’s ministries to grow and be more effective, as well as add more lobby space for connecting and building community. Further, we believe that the additional facility will allow for increased security for our children’s and student ministries. New, comfortable, appropriate space adds more capacity for the kingdom work we are currently doing. 

Why Not Just Add More Services?

We may have to do exactly that! Some of our concerns include the significant additional stresses to children’s ministry, musical worship ministry, and volunteers in all areas that come from adding a third service. The new facility will do more than allow for us to (for a time) worship together in one service: it will allow for growth opportunities in other ministries and provide an improved worship service environment for visitors and unchurched, while enhancing our lobby space for connecting with people and building community.

How Will This Campaign Affect Our Focus On Missions?

PBC has a history of generous support for and involvement in missions: both locally and globally. In the last 15 years, we have collectively given over one million dollars in missions! Further, our partners at PBC participate directly with and give generously outside the church budget to many missionaries and organizations doing kingdom work both locally and abroad. Recent research shows that the average church gives between 2% and 3% of their budget towards missions. In our current annual budget, we will give 13% ($67,500) toward missions, and we have a radical goal to strive to responsibly increase that number over time toward 30%!

We believe that our current level of activity with respect to missions constitutes a faithful response to God’s call on us collectively. Biblically, our first mission field is here: Livingston County, where He has called us each as missionaries. We need to invest in the home front from time to time to maintain a vibrant base from which to support mission work. We believe the campaign is an appropriate, balanced approach to meeting our responsibilities.

How Will This Campaign Affect Our Focus On Discipleship?

This campaign is about more than a building. It is about God calling us to go beyond ourselves, beyond our abilities, and beyond our walls. PBC is about focused excellence; we know that while there are many things we can do, there are only a few things we should do. During this campaign, we will increase our emphasis on Connection Groups, pushing people towards joining community and increasing the coaching provided for our Connection Group leaders. Our thriving women’s ministry is going to be increasing an emphasis on personalized, one-on-one mentoring. Our ten-month, intensive Leadership Development course will be used to develop both theological and practical skills as we equip more leaders. PBC remains committed to elevating one Name above all names. We will fight for people: for those who are lost to fall in love with the ravishing love of God and for those who follow Him to grow deeper in their faith, trust, and pursuit of Jesus.

How Will The Recent Renovations Be Affected By This Campaign?

In 2017, we spent just under $100,000 renovating our existing worship center, as part of our 7-year plan to update our facilities. This plan, conceived in 2014, included renovating our current facility and eventually building a new Worship Center to allow for the student ministry to occupy our current space. The renovations have allowed us to significantly improve the environment of our worship center, although we still have significant aesthetic and acoustic limitations. The money spent in that renovation has served as a temporary solution while also providing long-term value: the renovations have provided for a space that will need no immediate updating when our students are given their own, dedicated space for student ministry. We feel confident that none of the money used in the renovation will be wasted, as God has used our existing space to increase our current effectiveness, and He will use this space to provide significant opportunities for our student ministry moving forward.

Do We Already Have Debt?

Great question! We are blessed to be in the extreme minority of American churches in the fact that we have no existing debt. We strive to steward the finances that God has given us with as much wisdom and care as possible, while being a church that prioritizes an eternal perspective over an earthly one. Because of the faithfulness of our church in the past, we are not bound by any debts that would prevent us from following God’s call in the future. Moving forward, whether we incur debt (and how much) is dependent on the ways that God provides for this campaign.

What If I Have Other Questions?

Put simply, we’d love to be able to hear them and answer them; we have plenty of ways you can do that! If you have questions, we invite you to do any of the following:

  • Email us at ‘questions@pontiacbible.org’. Your question will receive a response in a timely manner.

  • Call us at (815) 419-6137 or email us at ‘office@pontiacbible.org’ to schedule an appointment with Pastor Jarrod, a member of the building team, or with any of our pastors or elders.

  • Attend one of our ‘BEYOND Q&A’ sessions. Our next one is taking place July 7th immediately following second service.