Stand Alone

You Follow Me: Graduation Sunday

Next Generation Pastor Josh Anderson preaches on Graduation Sunday.  Worship was led by the student band.

Which "Way" Will You Choose?

PBC Elder Mike Todd brings a message for 2017.  Psalm 1 presents two "ways," the way of the righteous and the way of the wicked.  Every human being has the freedom to choose their way.  The way of the righteous brings many benefits and ultimately leads to eternal life.  The way of wicked brings death and eternal separation from God.  Which way will you choose in 2017?

Missions Sunday

The Great Commission could easily be renamed The Everyday Commission.  It is a call to discipleship.  It is a call to disciple.  It is more than a call to evangelism, or missions or Bible study.  It is a call to worship, instruction, fellowship and evangelism.  It is a pattern of life for all believers.  The question shouldn't be, "Are you discipling someone?"  The question should be, "Who are you discipling?"

Qualities of a Good Father

I love Father's Day...probably because I am one.  What are the qualities of a good father?  Usually, when Father's Day at church rolls around, we prepare for the comparison that happens.  You know, where earthly dads get compared to their Heavenly Father.  Well, there are qualities of a good father that put us on track to living in a manner worthy of the Lord.  We may not be able to attain them completely, but if we access these qualities, we will be well on the road to an experience that can be most rewarding.

Portrait of a Godly Mother

Happy Mother's Day!  Hannah was a godly woman dealing with some pretty adverse cultural circumstances.  Add to that a drastic broken relationship.  How Hannah responded to adversity is a key to the character traits of a godly woman.  Her example is one of humility, honesty & faith.

State of the Church Address

The State of the Church Address. This is an unusual occasion for Pontiac Bible Church. There was no "message" Sunday, but there was a panel that shared the current state of our church. It was invigorating as we are thankful for where we have been and as we look forward to where God is leading. You will hear 3 main topics discussed: Keys to Growth for PBC; Keys to Buy-In for PBC partners & attenders; Keys to Dream Big & Pray Big. Enjoy! We are looking forward to 2016 & beyond

Going Public

Why do we do what we do?  Baptism and communion are two ordinances of the church ordained by Christ.  Pontiac Bible Church observes both of these ordinances. What makes them so important?  Who should participate?  How should they be observed?  These are just a few of the questions we will be answering today.