Our Mission and Values

Mission Statement

PBC exists...

to bring the transforming hope of Jesus to Livingston County and the world.


Our 9

1. We elevate one Name.

It's about: Clear Priorities

    2. We talk with God first.

    It's about: Purposeful Prayer

    3. We passionately delight in God.

    It's about: Worshipful Celebration

    4. We do more by doing less.

    It's about: Focused Excellence

    5. We were given to give.

    It's about: Selfless Sacrifice

    6. We tremble before God's Word.

    It's about: Biblical Authority

    7. We are in this together.

    It's about: Promoting Unity

    8. We fight for people.

    It's about: Eternal Perspective

    9. We start now.

    It's about: Urgency