"And you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem ..."

Jesus said, "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” (Acts 1:8). As a church, we know that our primary mission field is to serve as missionaries here in our Jerusalem: Livingston County, Illinois. You can join teams that are working 365 days a year to display the good news of Christ in marginalized communities in Livingston County by serving in under-resourced areas, becoming an adoptive or foster home, or volunteering for our different outreach events.

Learn about and connect with our local outreach teams below.



Here in our "Jerusalem," we strongly believe in the ministry of presence: being present in our county, blessing those in our community, and creating opportunities to both show the kindness and grace of Jesus as well as opening doors to speak about the gospel.

We are regularly at community events, farmers markets, and out in downtown Pontiac or surrounding towns giving away snow cones or hot chocolate for free in order to bless our community and open missional opportunities. In these environments, we can connect with our neighbors, invite people to church, offer to pray with them, and perhaps get to tell them our story of encountering Jesus. Anyone, adults or children, have a place in this ministry. If you'd like to be involved, email us at office@pontiacbible.org.


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PBC financially supports HOPE Pregnancy Center (HPC). HPC is a local non-profit, faith-based organization committed to the sanctity of human life.  The goal of HPC is to reach those men and women facing an unexpected pregnancy and challenging life circumstances. Through this outreach, their desire is to offer truth concerning the options to potential parents, whether they are abortion minded or planning to carry their pregnancy.  HPC always has opportunities for people to volunteer their time or be involved. For information as to how you could be involved with this ministry, contact our church office or HPC directly at office@pontiachopepc.com.

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PBC The Forgotten Initiative (TFI) is a ministry of Lifesong for Orphans that exists to bring joy and purpose to the foster care community. TFI is committed to showing Jesus to the individuals who feel forgotten by serving a variety of people: agency workers, foster parents, vulnerable adults and children.  TFI resources, supports, and networks Advocates across the nation, helping them grow sustainable foster care ministries in their communities. For information as to how you could be involved with this ministry, contact our church office or TFI directly by clicking here.