At PBC, we actually believe prayer is worth a sacrifice. We get down on our achy knees in humility before our perfect God and ask Him repeatedly to do more than we could ever ask or imagine. We choose to gather together, no matter the inconvenience, and pray for each other and pray for our community because we know every single one of us is in desperate need of grace.

Below, you will see both the prayer requests of the various missionaries we support all over the globe as well as general prayer requests for the people in our community. We sincerely hope this information and these requests help you pray more!

global and local missionary prayers

Pray for our missionaries to India as they begin to explore opportunities in their home town of Mumbai to work in orphanages there and as they try to meet local pastors and leaders who could help with future work and projects.  They are also organizing a second youth group in their church for graduates of orphanages who now are very “alone”, hoping that they will become “family” with some of the local youth.

Also prayer for the health of our missionaries in India. One of them is battling an issue of extreme hives (almost daily now); this is very uncomfortable, energy draining, and discouraging.

Our missionaries to Spain have exciting things ahead of them!  Their little congregation can now stand on its own two feet. They have some mature leaders who can continue teaching and encouraging the group.  So they are beginning to explore other areas to start a new group of believers and have started to separate from their planted church. They have traveled south checking out 2 areas.  One small town of 15,000 people has no evangelical witness. There is still so much more investigating and praying to be done; pray that God will make His will for a new location abundantly clear.

Pray for Hope Pregnancy Center during this winter season, as they endeavor to help and encourage the young mothers, some who find themselves in seemingly impossible situations and others that need to discover the help they are seeking only comes from God. Some of the clients just need someone to listen to them or give them a hug. The counselors and staff need our supportive prayers that they are always ready with an answer, always trusting God for caring responses, always aware that it is God working through them.

Our missionaries in East Asia are busy as ever with their students. One of them just finished a doctorate in International Relations. Pray for endurance with this pace of life.

Our missionaries to Africa have just reported that in the year 2018, in the 6 countries they are working in, God has allowed their team to train 1900 church planters. Since each trainee must begin a new church or cell group before graduation, that is 5 small congregations planted per day in 2018. This is an unheard of growth explosion by which God must be praised! PBC, over the years, has sponsored 5 discipleship centers, which in turn would have trained approximately 150 believers in 2018. Our partnership with these missionaries is making a difference. Pray this ministry will be just as blessed in 2019. Also, on a personal note, one of these missionaries lost both parents this last year. Both of them loved the Lord and were faithful partners of this ministry. Pray for peace in their grief.

Our recently ‘retired’ missionary to Mexico, lives with her daughter and son-in-law. She continues to work as an editor for a the Christian Spanish website, which aids and encourages leaders and workers all over in Spanish speaking countries.  (Some of which are small, uneducated, unresourced places.)  It’s outreach continues to grow every year and from the feedback they have received from readers, the website has been a huge source of information. She hopes to continue her work as long as the Lord gives her good health.  She is involved in a local, Spanish speaking church and has just returned from a week in Panama ministering to people in the mountains there.  Pray for this quiet, faithful woman of God as she presses on in obedience to God. 

Send up praise with our missionaries to Israel, who have waited for over 5 years to get a building permit for a newer, larger school to replace an old one. Muslim parents have requested that they add more grades to the school in order to enlarge their enrollment. Finally, they have received clearance from the Israeli government and should get the permit soon. Now, they would like us to pray that they will not run into more roadblocks as they continue to pursue building. The cost of the new school is being completely covered by a believer from another country.  
Please pray also for the volunteers and teachers from the U.S. to be able to get the necessary visas to come and work in the schools.  Many countries are tightening the restrictions on visas. They would also like prayer as they look for a new director for both schools they currently direct, as they prepare to step aside, to retire, at some point.   

local community prayer

Pray for our upcoming Race Day, on March 31st, and how God will use this day and us to provide for the Beyond campaign.

Pray for a partner that is suffering from constant headaches for months. Pray she will be delivered from this pain, and find joy and energy again.

Pray for a partner who had bad news about his heart function. He recently underwent a cancer removal surgery and was declared cancer free after a recent check. He would appreciate prayer for his recovery and for his heart to keep on keeping on while he heals since he needs to make it through this recovery before they will work on his heart. Pray wisdom for his doctors and peace for he and his wife.

Praise our Heavenly Father for many who have recently and successfully come through surgery and who by God’s grace are recovering marvelously.

Pray for a few who are facing unknown health conditions. Pray wisdom for the doctors overseeing them and for peace while waiting for answers.

One of our partners is suffering from significant illness. Please pray for healing and wisdom for his doctors as they combat this awful combination of illness that is keeping him from shining. Would you pray that God would allow him some physical peace to rest his weary body?!  It seems like every time he begins to rest, his body gets agitated with him. Pray also for his devoted wife, who is in need of peace and rest.

A couple from our church would appreciate some focused, intentional prayer for a sister.  The doctors have identified a spot on her lung & brain. They are awaiting results from some tests, but she will probably start chemotherapy soon. Thank you for praying! We will update when there are more answers.