Campaign Updates

This campaign is a season for our church to think beyond ourselves, beyond our abilities, and beyond our walls. During this time, we will emphasize these four action steps:

  1. Provide for our Children’s Ministry

  2. Strengthen emphasis on Discipleship

  3. Expand Local Missions

  4. Build a new Worship Center

Update 7/1/19: Upcoming Partner Meeting

On July 21st @ 6p, we’ll be holding our annual meeting for Partners of PBC. Even if you’re not a Partner, you’re welcome to attend! In addition to some regularly scheduled topics, we’ll be discussing our next steps for this building project. Partners, we hope that you’ll make it a priority to attend! Childcare will be provided.

For those who have taken the leap of faith to be a part of this moment in the life of our church, we’re so thankful for you and encouraged by you. Please continue to partner with us in constant, purposeful prayer.

Update 4/8/19: Race Day Results

Wow! Last night, at our Race Day Celebration, our church had an opportunity to praise God for the miraculous work of generosity He has been doing in the life and heart of our church. So far in this campaign, over $106K has been raised in cash, and the total of cash and 3-year pledges is over $700K! Our pledges start now!

Before any plans are made or next steps are taken, our Directional Elders and Deacons are scheduling meetings over the coming weeks and couple of months to live out one of our church’s 9 values: “We talk with God first.” During this time, would you join us in giving God praise and thanksgiving for His faithfulness in this movement that He has begun through PBC?

If you haven’t yet chosen to join in the race with us, the invitation is still available for you to join in at any time: would you choose to run with us? While watching from the sideline or casually walking through the race can be appealing, our hope is that you don’t miss out on the joy and the rewards that God has ahead through this campaign. Beyond is not about a building! It’s about people. PBC is and will always be a church that fights for people, because people matter to God!

Update 4/1/19: The Race has Begun!

Yesterday at PBC, our church rallied together to begin the financial process of accomplishing one of the four action steps of our campaign: building a new, multi-purpose worship center. Yesterday’s service was one of unity; our church publicly proved that we are a body of believers who are united in this movement to fight against complacency and comfort and fight for the mission of our church and the mission of God for His people.

On Sunday, 4/7/19, we will hold a church-wide celebration at 5p in the Worship Center to announce the financial results of this part of the campaign and to celebrate the work that God has begun and is doing. There will be inflatables for kids, games for the whole family, and food; all are welcome to attend!

Update 2/24/19: Pledge Cards and Timeline

On Sunday at church, Pastor Jarrod explained the coming weeks of the beyond campaign. We’ve given out envelopes that have the following:

  • A letter from Pastor Jarrod, sharing the heart and vision behind the campaign, reminding us of how we can be involved.

  • A ‘Giving Ladder’ page that helps unpack what taking steps toward generosity could mean in practical ways for different people, regardless of where you currently are in your journey.

  • A 3-year beyond pledge card. This card is meant for you and your family to keep and pray over for the coming weeks before our all-church giving day, ‘Race Day,’ on March 31st. As you pray in the coming days and weeks, please remember to keep your eyes open to see the miracles of how God has provided, is providing, and faithfully will provide for us in all of our needs. (c.f. Matthew 6:25-34)

  • A one-time beyond ‘kickstart’ offering card. This card represents a one-time gift that will provide the ability for us to take the first action steps for this project.

PBC, please keep 3/31/19 in your prayers daily, knowing that God is faithful. He has directed our steps, and He will bring us where He is leading. All He is asking from us: relentless obedience.

Update 1/13/19: Schematic Designs


Our builder has given us a detailed estimate for the construction of the project outlined in the schematic designs. More detailed budgeting happens during the construction documents phase which will occur after our fundraising. At this time, our estimates are for:

  • $1.59M: this estimate includes the costs for the 10,900 square feet new construction additions (not including covered drop-off).

  • $125K: this estimate includes the cost for the covered drop-off at the front entrance. Depending on funding, this drop-off may be a part of a second phase of building or may be able to be included in the first phase. The drawings allow for two cars to fit under the covering both deep and wide.

  • $50K: this estimate includes the cost for the renovations of the office space and the three wall additions for incorporating break-out rooms to the new student ministry space.

Feel free to come get a good look at the designs in person in our lobby at PBC.

Update 11/27/18: Outreach Director

We’ve found our new Outreach Director, Alesha Kendrick! Alesha will be taking ownership over three areas: first impressions, assimilation, and local missions. Alesha brings a tremendous amount of vision to our strategy for making an impact in our community. This role is an integral piece in our commitment to go beyond in the area of local missions. If you have a desire to serve on our first impressions team or be a part of serving in local missions, please contact Alesha at

Update 9/18/18: Children’s Ministry Director

We’ve found our new Children’s Ministry Director, Ellen Dehm! Ellen will be taking ownership over our entire children’s ministry and working closely with a team of invested leaders to find ways to take our children’s ministry beyond our Sunday morning reach. If you’re interested in being a part of serving in our children’s ministry department or have any questions about it at all, please contact Ellen at

Update 9/11/18: Leadership Development Program

As part of our campaign’s strategy to take our church beyond in the area of discipleship, we began our Leadership Development Program. This first class has an enrollment at full capacity, as 15 of our church partners have committed to a 10-month intensive growth program. Scripture commands us "to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ" (Ephesians 4:12). Knowing the importance of developing leaders as the church grows, PBC Leadership Development Program exists to develop emerging and existing leaders who grow in their: knowledge, character, and competency. For more information on our Leadership Development Program, go to

Update 8/19/18: BEYOND Campaign is Launched!

At our church-wide event, Praise in the Park, we kicked off the next season of ministry at PBC through the BEYOND campaign.

During our worship service together, we introduced our church to our new, all-church campaign to live beyond ourselves, beyond our abilities, and beyond our walls. As we looked at what God has been doing, is doing, and is going to do, it was a morning full of celebration and anticipation of God’s guidance! In this time of ministry at PBC, we are going to strive to take practical action steps to: 

1. Provide for our children’s ministry

2. Strengthen our emphasis on discipleship

3. Expand our reach through local missions

4. Build a new Worship Center, as we desire to see realized the 20/20 vision that God began directing us to in 2014.